Inspiration can be pulled from anywhere. I find inspiration in:
The beauty of people and diversity, and how each of these people have a different story, never exactly matching another;
Femininity, when you freely let poise absorb your body and force you to exude nothing but an elegant aura;
Art, the free expression of imagination, a looking glass into the heart and soul, music without instrument and lyric;
Travel, the exploration of things beyond you, the discovery that the unknown is not out of reach and has the ability to be present in the palms of your hands;
Yoga, the quiet connection between you and yourself and the earth, the chance to stop searching for and reach, what feels like, an eternal peace, a chance to remember, "When the mind is still, the beauty of the self is reflected", a moment to feel strength externally and internally;
Nature, the sweet smells of oxygen, the quiet roars of the wind, the songs of the birds, the wonder of trees and flowers, the awe of the extensive ocean, the adoration of the animals;
Dance, the fluent movements, the grace and posture, the tip of the toes so gently gliding, almost flying, across the floor, the way the body responds only to the heart, producing such an alluring portrait of elegance.